• Aker Solutions ASA

    SolutionSolvInvest® – 2016

    Norwegian group, supplier of equipment and systems for the oil and gas industry, wanted to expand operations in Brazil by acquiring a local contractor of the construction segment when the operation Car Wash (large investigation of corruption schemes in the local oil and gas industry) was at peak. Solvia was senior advisor to the deal and supported customer in assessment of target (CSE), negotiation of terms and construction of integration philosophy..


    Acquisition and integration fulfilled.

  • Grupo Yamamoto (retail and food)

    SolutionSolvBiz® – 2016 and 2017

    Brazilian group looked for support to reposition businesses strategically, to restructure operations and financials in order to grow sustainably. Solvia worked in the construction and initial implementation of recovery plan.


    Operational and financial restructuring defined and implemented.

  • Trademaster Pagamentos S.A. (Grupo Sofisa)

    SolutionSolvBiz® – Since 2017

    Brazillian Fintech counts on Solvia to expand innovative business of B2B working capital loans in the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais.


    Frame agreements signed with retailers and distributors of the region.

  • DRC Training (Currently Cadritech)

    SolutionSolvBiz® and SolvInvest® – 2017 and 2018

    Local company leader in training professionals of video, sound, graphic design, gaming, web, architecture and 3D modelling businesses counted on Solvia to develop a growth plan based on innovation and to sell its operation.


    Growth plan developed and business assets successfully sold.

  • Líder – Industrial Inspections

    SolutionSolvEgage® – 2018

    Entrepreneur reached out for Solvia in order to develop skills to substantiate his campaign to grow his young company.


    6-month structured mentoring support provided.

  • Sigma Equipamentos para Tratamento de Águas

    SolutionSolvBiz® – Since 2018

    Solvia supports Brazilian company, supplier of equipment for treatment of water for human consumption and industrial application, in the implementation of plans to structure its operation (shop-floor process and lay-out improvements, MRP implementation, health, safety and environment improvements) and financials (short/long term planning and follow-up).


    Short/long term assessment of financials and operations completed and action plan defined. Solvia is supporting customer in the implementation of action plan.

  • Solar Photovoltaic Energy

    SolutionSolvBiz® – Since 2016

    Economical and technical assessments of solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants for distributed generation.


    70% (360 KWp) of projects assessed implemented and operating as per design.

  • Takaoka Desenvolvimento Imobiliário and Grupo Matsuda

    SolutionSolvBiz® – 2019

    Assessment of the energy storage market and construction of business case.


    Business case presented containing: global and local market outlook (definition, segmentations, regulation, projections and trends), analysis of competition, product to be marketed, buying decision factors and customers’ behaviour, industry structure as per Porter, SWOT, recommended strategy based on differentiation and customer experience, pricing, distribution and logistics analyses, financial projections (P&L and FCF), NPV, TIR and valuation.